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Doa Brings ‘LatAsian’ Cuisine to Miami Beach


Do words like “nikkei” and “chifa” sound familiar at all? If they don’t, they eventually will. The same people behind Miami hotspots Coya and Zuma are preparing to unveil an all-new project called Doa  (pronounced dow-ah) that’s expected to open its doors in Miami Beach this November.

Doa will be a fusion of largely Peruvian food featuring a strong Chinese and Japanese influence, with plenty of other pan-Asian touches mixed in. The new eatery will further reinforce Miami’s ongoing attraction with delectable Peruvian cuisine.

In countries like Bolivia and Peru, the large amount of Asians from countries like China and Japan have been adding their own twist to the cuisine for more than four decades. “Nikkei” and “chifa” are quite common words over there, even if they seem odd here in South Florida. In fact, the restaurateur behind Doa has dubbed his cuisine ‘LatAsian’.

Some of the foods future patrons of Doa will be able to try include steamed buns, ceviche, dim sum, skewers, and plenty of grilled items. There will also be lots of Peruvian classics to enjoy plus a ‘LatAsian’ beverage program.

Doa will be located at 2000 Collins Avenue and will be open seven days a week until 5 am. It may just become your new favorite spot for a late night meal.

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