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Downtown Miami and Miami Beach

Miami Beach and Downtown Miami are practically right next door to each other, separated by Biscayne Bay and roadways like the MacArthur Causeway.  Considering the appeal of both of these areas, have you ever stopped to wonder how they differ? Let’s take a look.

Downtown Miami’s music week is marked largely by the annual Ultra Music Festival which continues to grow in popularity and draws a cast of young attendees.  Over in Miami Beach however, these young attendees usually spend music week lounging and partying by the pool at one of the trendy condos or hotels like Hyde Beach.

In terms of living situation, you’ll find people renting a unit at a building like Icon Brickell while telling a little white lie and saying they own.  Meanwhile, a Miami Beach resident might say he or she owns an Icon South Beach unit when really they’re just renting at the Flamingo.  Speaking of real estate, you’ll pay $50 million for a duplex penthouse at a building like the upcoming 1000 Museum while a combined unit penthouse at the Faena in Miami Beach commands $60 million.

When it comes to staying active, Downtown Miami residents can be found working out at the Equinox while Miami Beach residents arguably have a broader range of options, including Citi Bike, taking a hearty walk through Lincoln Road or a swim in the ocean.
This update is presented by Miami Beach Realtor Tim Allen of Blackstone International Realty, specializing in the Portofino Tower.  If you are interested in Miami Beach condos such as the Portofino Tower South Beach condos for sale, call Continuum expert Tim at 305-588-2451 for information on sales and rentals.