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The Miami Beach Trolley Is Complete


Soon, dealing with Miami Beach’s traffic congestion and hunting down a parking space will no longer serve as valid excuses not to visit the barrier island. Today, the Miami Beach Trolley is launching the final route of its service called the Collins Link. The Collins Link joins the North Beach Loop, Alton-West Loop, and Middle Beach Loop.

Thanks to the opening of the Collins Loop, passengers of the Miami Beach Trolley will now have a means of traveling from 5th Street up to 88th Street, with transfers. All but one of of the four lines will being its operation at 6 am and will continue to run throughout the day until midnight. The other line (the Alton-West Loop) starts its operation at 8 am but also continues until midnight. These hours reflect the Miami Beach Trolley’s hours from Monday through Saturday. All four of the lines start operating at 8 am on Sundays.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Miami Beach Trolley, it can carry about 25 passengers and has several advanced features. Security cameras, complimentary Wi-Fi for passengers, and real time tracking are an example of what to expect. Download the trolley app to your phone and you’ll be able to see when the next trolley will arrive.

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